Adobe House Farm

Adobe House Farm

Our mission at Adobe House Farm is to provide the freshest fruits and vegetables to the local Durango, CO community using regenerative farming practices. At AHF, we plant with diversity so that we do not have to use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. We have an innovative solar-heated greenhouse and several high tunnels that allow us to grow vegetables year-round without the use of propane or natural gas heaters — even in the harsh climate and altitude of Durango. Every year we farm, we help build soil and retain moisture by practicing minimal-tillage techniques and heavily applying mulch and compost from locally available inputs (such as coffee grounds, leaves, and manure from vegetarian animals fed with organic hay). We also hand-water and use drip irrigation to save water. Minimal machinery is used and all harvesting is done by hand.

2018 will be our eigth growing season and we will be specializing in over 40 different crops to market primarily through the local Southwest Farm Fresh CSA, at the Durango farmers’ market, and to local restaurants. Check out more about our farm history to see where we have come from.

Linley in Greenhouse

Linley Dixon

Linley Dixon, the head farmer, has a Master’s Degree in Plant and Soil Science, specializing in Organic Agriculture, and a Ph D in Plant Pathology, specializing in tomato diseases. She also has experience farming in Maryland, Maine, West Virginia, Florida, and the Pacific Basin. The temperature extremes, heavy winds, gophers, and alkaline, clay soils of Durango are presenting new challenges! Find out more about Linley and the other farmers.

Adobe House Farm was recently featured in the Durango Herald. Check out AHF in the News!


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