Solar Greenhouse

The Solar Greenhouse at Adobe House Farm is an integral component to growing vegetables in the high desert climate of Durango, Colorado. At 6,500 ft. cold nights persist late into the spring and early in the fall, which can make warm-weather crops, like tomatoes, difficult to grow to maturity. With the help of the sun, which heats water at stores it in a tank inside the greenhouse, we are able to mimic a much warmer and humid climate for vegetables, which extends our grow-season dramatically. We are even able to grow some cold-weather crops year-round. All without the use of any electricity or fossil fuels! Environmental sustainability is a fundamental component of our decision-making at Adobe House Farm so you know that you are getting some of the freshest local produce without the large carbon footprint associated with many other common farming practices.

Check out the gallery below, click on the image for a description and to scroll through a slideshow of how the greenhouse was built and works: