2017 CSA:

In 2017 we will be offering a CSA through the local farmer collaborative and farmer-owned Southwest Farm Fresh Co-op (SWFF). More information and sign up here.

As the SWFF coop CSA enters its second year, here’s why you should sign up: Every community with a thriving local agriculture scene has a farmer-owned coop at its center. SWFF provides stability to our community’s local food system. Our farmer-owned SWFF coop allows more time for farmers to spend in the field growing and less time marketing and delivering their produce. It provides new farmers a market for their produce and prevents farmers from undercutting each other and competing for the same accounts by production planning together. SWFF coop draws on 20 plus farms for their CSA to provide an extremely diverse share. Since SWFF coop’s inception we have supported and watched it grow and continue to improve each year. We know our farm’s future depends on it to succeed. We are committed to the success of our farmer owned Coop and hope you choose to support it as well. 

Becoming a SWFF CSA member is an opportunity to support many of your local farmers and our cooperative all at once, allowing each farm to specialize in fewer crops, but still bring you a large variety. You can also add local cheese, meats, and baked goods to your subscription if you want! The pick up is at the Smiley Building on Thursdays from 4-7. Check out more details here and subscribe early if you are interested (they are limiting membership to 100 and only 30 for the meat add-on so join quickly).

CSA Flyer




Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an easy way to buy local, seasonal food directly from farmers you trust. In a CSA, a farmer offers a number of shares to the community and provides a weekly basket of the season’s harvest to members.

Consumers benefit by:

  • Getting more produce for their dollar (you pay about 50% farmers market value!).
  • Finding out exactly how their food is grown by visiting the farm, talking directly to the farmers, and having the option to work on the farm.
  • Access to our u-pick sections so you can get more of the things you like
  • Enjoying freshly harvested, nutrient dense produce, getting exposed to new vegetables and new ways of preparing them.

Farmers benefit by:

  • Having a guaranteed market for their produce.
  • Receiving money early in the season when they are investing in seeds, tools and farm infrastructure.
  • Getting to know their customers and staying connected to the community.

We’ve changed a few things this year. We are hoping to get the CSA members on the farm each week by having the CSA pick up at the new plot (821 E. 32nd St). This will allow you free access to u-pick sections of the 2-acre plot for those of you that would like a bigger harvest of specific crops. We will also have u-pick flowers for you to take home! Since we are an in-town farm, we hope that allows our farm to become your farm.